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St John’s has also announced a new Celso Furtado Fellowship which will bring a leading Brazilian historian or humanities scholar to Cambridge each year.

A Colecao Kenneth Maxwell by Lucas Bertolo

Harvard University
The Kenneth Maxwell Thesis Prize in Brazilian Studies was awarded for the first time in the Spring of 2005, and was established to recognise the best Harvard College senior thesis on a subject related to Brazil. Candidates may be nominated by their department/concentration/instructional committee, or candidates may nominate their own thesis.

Princeton University
Kenneth Maxwell Senior Thesis Prize The Program in Latin American Studies awarded for the best thesis related to Brazil. May be in any field or discipline. Princeton University Library Special Collections: "Documenting the Portuguese Revolution 1962-1994 The maxwell fund also finances purchases for Brazilian materials for the manuscript collection

Kenneth Maxwell Collection


Turkey, Syria and Earthquake Responses: Lessons from the Great Lisbon Earthquake of 1755Blog/Entries/2023/2/13_Entry_1.html
The earthquakes in Turkey and Syria bring back memories of November 1, 1755, All Saints Day, when the great Lisbon earthquake occurred.

As Turkey and Syria struggle with the aftermath of natural disaster, the Portuguese response to the natural disaster of 1755 bears remembering.

The Lisbon earthquake was probably on the scale of 8.5 to 9.0 in magnitude on the Richter scale with three aftershocks. 

In early 1789, a republican, constitutionalist, and anti-colonial rebellion was planned in Brazil. It challenged empire in the apex year of the Atlantic revolutions. It revealed the weaknesses as well as the strength of imperial adaptation in the face of challenges on both sides of the Atlantic.
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Imagined Republics: The United States of America, France and Brazil (1776 - 1792)Blog/Entries/2022/6/9_Entry_1.html

Thesis Prizes

St John’s College, Cambridge University

The Kenneth Maxwell Collection at St. John’s College, Cambridge University

Edward the Peacemaker: Remembering How Fragile Peace Is Blog/Entries/2022/6/12_The_Summit_of_the_Americas__An_Assessment.html
In Tiverton there is a statue of King Edward VII on the bridge over the River Lowman. The River Lowman joins the River Exe a short distance downstream and delineates the riverine boundaries of the old town of Tiverton in mid-Devon.

I pass by King Edward’s statue on my way into the town center after walking down from my house on Exeter Hill. The statue is inscribed: “Edward the Peacemaker.” King Edward VII reigned from 1901 until 1910. His statue was dedicated in 1912. This was only two years before the outbreak in 1914 of the First World War.