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St John’s has also announced a new Celso Furtado Fellowship which will bring a leading Brazilian historian or humanities scholar to Cambridge each year.

A Colecao Kenneth Maxwell by Lucas Bertolo

Harvard University
The Kenneth Maxwell Thesis Prize in Brazilian Studies was awarded for the first time in the Spring of 2005, and was established to recognise the best Harvard College senior thesis on a subject related to Brazil. Candidates may be nominated by their department/concentration/instructional committee, or candidates may nominate their own thesis.

Princeton University
Kenneth Maxwell Senior Thesis Prize. The Program in Latin American Studies awarded for the best thesis related to Brazil. May be in any field or discipline. Princeton University Library Special Collections: "Documenting the Portuguese Revolution 1962-1994 The maxwell fund also finances purchases for Brazilian materials for the manuscript collection

Kenneth Maxwell Collection


The View from the Hill: Boris Cancels


Saturday, 7 November 2020

Monthly Column

Boris Johnson moves from bluster through incompetency while promoting “moon shot” bromides.
He promised that millions of COVID-19 tests, including some giving results within a minute, would be available, while experts confirmed that the technology “does not as yet, exist.” And a “world beating” COVID-19 “test and trace” program which he has lamentably and repeatedly failed to deliver.

Calouste Gulbenkian set the rules for the division of the oil spoils in the Middle East in the aftermath of the collapse of the Ottoman Empire.

He did so under the “red line” self-denying agreement of 1928 between the major oil companies (including the America companies of Mobil and Standard Oil of New Jersey), which embraced the whole of the Arabian peninsula.


The Abraham Accords: The Art of the Deal and Middle East Dynamics

Thesis Prizes

A Very British Coup: Boris Johnson and “Failing Grayling”Blog/Entries/2020/7/19_A_Very_British_Coup__Boris_Johnson_and_Failing_Grayling.html
Chris Grayling who Boris Johnson attempted to parachute in as the chair of the Parliamentary Committee on Intelligence and Security was dethroned by a coup d’etat led Dr Julian Lewis with the support of Conservative, Labour and the SNP (Scottish Nationalist Party) member of the committee

MORE..... Blog/Entries/2020/7/19_A_Very_British_Coup__Boris_Johnson_and_Failing_Grayling.html

St John’s College, Cambridge University

The Kenneth Maxwell Collection at St. John’s College, Cambridge University