For a description of the Maxwell Collection by Professor Gabriel Paquette click The Eagle 2012 extract.pdf

St John’s has also announced a new Celso Furtado Fellowship which will bring a leading Brazilian historian or humanities scholar to Cambridge each year.

A Colecao Kenneth Maxwell by Lucas Bertolo

Harvard University
The Kenneth Maxwell Thesis Prize in Brazilian Studies was awarded for the first time in the Spring of 2005, and was established to recognise the best Harvard College senior thesis on a subject related to Brazil. Candidates may be nominated by their department/concentration/instructional committee, or candidates may nominate their own thesis.

Princeton University
Kenneth Maxwell Senior Thesis Prize The Program in Latin American Studies awarded for the best thesis related to Brazil. May be in any field or discipline. Princeton University Library Special Collections: "Documenting the Portuguese Revolution 1962-1994 The maxwell fund also finances purchases for Brazilian materials for the manuscript collection

Kenneth Maxwell Collection


Maxwell and the iPhone

James Clerk Maxwell (1831-1879) is little know today outside the academic disciple of physics. Yet the modern world owes almost everything to the work of this quiet 19th century Scottish scientist and physicist. Albert Einstein regarded Maxwell’s work as a step change in the way we understand the world, second only to the achievements of Issac Newton, and he might have added to Einstein himself.


Thesis Prizes

St John’s College, Cambridge University

The Kenneth Maxwell Collection at St. John’s College, Cambridge University

Lula and Xi in the Evolving New World Order

“Brazil is Back” is the slogan of President Luis Inácio Lula da Silva after returning with a very narrow majority to the Planalto Palace in Brasilia for his third presidential term.  The presidential palace was badly damaged by the mob of pro-Bolsonaro rioters on January 8, 2023. Jair Bolsonaro the former right-wing populist president had left for Florida two days before Lula’s inauguration. He claimed, like his friend Donald J. Trump, that the election had been rigged.

President Lula visited Joe Biden at the White House on February 10, 2023. The two presidents discussed “democracy and environmental commitments.

Peter Fleming’s Brazilian Adventure

In 1951, during my first year at Queen’s College, Taunton, then a boarding school for boys (it is now coeducational) we had a marvelous history teacher, H. J. Channon, better known to everyone as “Dapper. ”
H. J. Channon was the epitome of “Mr. Chips” of the famous novella by James Hilton, about a beloved teacher, Mr. Chipping, at a fictional minor boarding school ....Blog/Entries/2023/2/26_Peter_Flemings_Brazilian_Adventure.html