St John’s College, Cambridge University

The Kenneth Maxwell Collection at St. John’s College, Cambridge University consists collection of books covering colonial Brazil (with a emphasis on the 18th century, through the establishment of the Portuguese Court in Rio de Janeiro in 1808, until the recognition of Brazil's independence by Portugal in 1825); and on Portugal (covering the period from 1750, with a special focus on the rule of the Marques de Pombal. In addition, there is a contextual collection of books on colonial Latin America, books of maps and photographs of Brazil, and books concerning Atlantic history in the period of the American Revolution.

For a description of the Maxwell Collection by Professor Gabriel Paquette click The Eagle 2012 extract.pdf

St John’s has also announced a new Celso Furtado Fellowship which will bring a leading Brazilian historian or humanities scholar to Cambridge each year.


Harvard University
The Kenneth Maxwell Thesis Prize in Brazilian Studies was awarded for the first time in the Spring of 2005, and was established to recognise the best Harvard College senior thesis on a subject related to Brazil. Candidates may be nominated by their department/concentration/instructional committee, or candidates may nominate their own thesis. This annual prize is funded by a gift to The Rockerfeller Centre DRCLAS from Professor Kenneth Maxwell. The prize carries a monetary award of $500.The Kenneth Maxwell Summer Research Grant established by Harvard Rockefeller Center in honour of Professor Kenneth Maxwell and his life long commitment to Brazil and the study of its history. A $2,000 grant awarded annually to a graduate or professional school student for summer research in Brazil.

Princeton University
Kenneth Maxwell Senior Thesis Prize. The Program in Latin American Studies awarded for the best thesis related to Brazil. May be in any field or discipline. The Prize carries a monetary award of $500.

Princeton University Library Special Collections: "Documenting the Portuguese Revolution 1962-1994

The maxwell fund also finances purchases for Brazilian materials for the manuscript collection

Kenneth Maxwell Collection


The Second Circle of Dante’s Inferno: Enter the World of Brazilian Presidential Elections

Monday, 29 October 2018

O Globo Monthly Column

Thesis Prizes

Dante’s “Inferno”, the 14th century epic poem, where Hell is nine concentric circles of torment located within the earth.
It is the most appropriate analogy for the seriousness of the national dilemmas and the international challenges that confront us.
n my last piece, I started with the outer circle of Dante’s hell: The threat of global disorder.  ....MORE



“Entre o herói e o corrupto" 
“Os políticos são mestres em arranjar artifícios para se esconder da Justiça e a Justiça tenta enquadrar os políticos”, afirma o brasilianista Kenneth Maxwell 
O historiador inglês Kenneth Maxwell, autor do clássico livro sobre a Inconfidência Mineira "Devassa da Devassa" e mais de uma dezena de outros sobre Brasil, Portugal e a relação entre os dois países, considera que a condenação do ex- presidente Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva - "meio corrupto, meio herói", como o descreve - "foi um sismo na sociedade brasileira, que está partida em duas, uma contra a outra". Esse antagonismo, para Maxwell, é o maior problema atual do país.